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Working as Quickly as I Can!

I had hoped to have some exciting news to share last night, but we were delayed again. Trying not to get discouraged because things happen. I know many of you have been contacting me about when and where and I wish I could give you more information right now. I am ready to get back to work! I have to keep chugging along and doing all of the boring paperwork so that I can be in the best position to serve you when all the pieces fall into place. I hope you all will continue to be patient with me while all of my tools and supply orders come in and as I am getting the shop organized. I appreciate every single one of you and all of the people who have spent so much of their time helping me to get to where I am now. Truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your past and continuing support of my work.

I decided to go ahead and launch the website as I had planned to do and start to share my company with the community. So while you wait for me to get operational please go ahead and share the website, Facebook page, Instagram page and like them, follow them get excited because I am so excited to share with you what I am building! If you have been following my personal pages for awhile you know that I love to share information and pictures of the things I am working on. These kinds of posts will now move to my business pages and accounts so make sure you follow those for that content in the future!

I hope to have some great and exciting news for you very soon! Thank You!

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