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AlphaSynth Cork Grease

Superslick’s AlphaSynth Cork Grease contains high quality base synthetic components and provides the perfect balance of lubrication and friction for your woodwind instrument tenon or mouthpiece. The tube format allows easy application and compact fit for your instrument case. Most importantly, AlphaSynth is completely safe for classroom use. Made in Elkhart, Indiana USA. Professional musician, educator and repair shop approved, AlphaSynth is the new standard for synthetic lubricants. Give it a try and you’ll see why it’s the leader of the pack.

Hetman's Cork Grease

Hetman® Lubricants offers a special clear, nontoxic formulation for woodwind corks.

This is my personal favorite cork grease. It comes in a bottle that will not melt all over your case if you leave it in the sun. It lasts way longer than the chapstick style greases and makes the joints feel great.

Hetman's Hydro-Slide

Hetman® Lubricants offers a unique water-soluble spray concentrate, and applicator for trombone slides. Hydro-Slide™ concentrate is formulated to be mixed with water in various concentrations thereby accommodating the particular characteristics of the artist's trombone slide.

Hetman's Valve Oils

Hetman® Synthetic Piston Lubricants provide superior wear and corrosion protection for all types of piston valves. Whether your instrument has Monel, stainless steel, or nickel-plated pistons, these long-lasting, non-gumming lubricants will provide for an action that is smooth, quick and consistent. Three nontoxic viscosity grades are available in 60 ml controlled dropper tip bottles

JM Linkage and Bearing Oil #13.5

For rotary valves with average bearing clearance. This synthetic oil ensures maximum wear resistance and corrosion protection for all types of bearings and rod without reducing smoothness.

JM Rotor Oil #11

A durable synthetic oil, specially formulated for instruments with rotary valves. Guarantees fast response and smooth running. Protects against corrosion and wear.

JM Spacefiller Oil #15

A heavy viscousity, synthetic oil for bearings and mechanical systems that have become loose. This oil allows noiseless movement, dampens vibrations and guarantees smooth action. Also suitable for shafts, screws and worn joints. Protects against corrosion and wear.

Tune Lube Slide Grease

.5 oz jar of slide grease that will keep your slides moving great.

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