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Reflections… on 5 MONTHS?!?!

Wow. I cannot believe it has been 5 months already since I opened my shop. It has been a wild ride. Getting to see and experience every aspect of the way my business operates has been an eye opening experience as well as a blessing. I have learned a lot and only expect to keep learning.

Much of my process has just been trial and error. Sometimes failure and mistakes lead you to the best road to success. I try something and see if it works for me and try something else if it doesn’t. Some ideas never even make it into the trying phase, but they are still important ideas to have. I still have not quite decided how much of some aspects I want to take on. I think that will be largely dictated by demand. Just know that every time my customers ask for something I don’t have, I’m making a note of it. I’m constantly making notes to gauge when it may be time to take next steps.

I am so fortunate to have had some amazing customers come my way. Every interaction has been fantastic. Many people probably think when they go into a business that they are just a number, but I really do remember my customers. I remember the first two or three people that walked in my door on my first day in business. I remember the half dozen people that brought me saxophone repairs over the last school break. I even remember repairs and customers from my last jobs. Sometimes I don’t always remember your name, but you can bet I remember your instrument and the job I did on it. I remember all of these things so vividly and it’s crazy to think that out of the thousands of instruments I’ve repaired over the years that each one makes an impact on me.

I’m excited for some upgrades to the shop that will be coming soon. I will not mention names because I don’t know if these people want to be mentioned, but I met some amazing people and reconnected with old friends and colleagues in my industry over the past few weeks and months that have really helped me to succeed and continue to help me make my shop and my work better. I have had so much help from setting up my Point of Sale system and getting started with some outsourced repairs from other shops as well as being gifted a truckload of parts and supplies. This past weekend I met some amazing people who run a shop in a neighboring state and they helped me out with some new machinery for the shop. I am currently fixing and cleaning up the machinery to get it operating and put to use. I cannot get over the kindness and generosity that this industry has. I hope to one day provide this same help to another generation of shop owners.

I’m continuing to learn and grow with my business and I look forward to working with more community members and band directors in the future. If you are already a customer of mine, Thank you so much for supporting me and giving me the chance to work with you and show you all that I have to offer. If you are not yet a customer and reading this, know that I would love nothing more than to talk with you about what I can do to help you.

Let’s go make some music!

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