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Planning for your Repair

All of our services need to be estimated in person. We cannot give accurate estimates through photographs or over the phone. All estimates are free of charge and we would be happy to walk you through all of your options to find the repair option that works best for your instrument as well as your wallet! This page is a helpful guide to show you where our services start so that you can start to incorporate the repair work into your budget

These prices are not an official estimate for any service, but may give you an idea of a starting point so that you can plan for the costs before you arrive


Adjustments/Regulation/ Playing Condition (PC)

If your instrument is out of adjustment, needs a key cork replaced, needs a thorough check over this service will get you back to great playing condition

Starting at $45 for Flutes, Clarinets, Piccolos

Starting at $60 for Saxophones/Bass Clarinets

Starting at $72 for Larger Woodwinds and Double Reeds


Cleanings on your brass instrument should be done regularly. We like to recommend them once a year. The entire instrument gets disassembled, chemically cleaned to remove build up inside the instrument and any corks, springs and felts are replaced as needed

Starting at $100 for trumpets and trombones, $180 for french horns, $160 for euphoniums, $220 for tubas and sousaphones

Neck Corks/Tenon Corks and Wraps

If you need a tenon cork on your piccolo or clarinet, a neck cork on your saxophone, wrapped bassoon tenon etc. we can take care of that

Please remember to bring your mouthpiece and any pieces we need to fit the cork

All of these types of corks depending on the instrument type and how large the cork area is fall between $20-40

Solder Work

Solder work may include broken brace joints, tubes that have come apart, keys that have broken, etc

Solder work starts at $25 per joint


A COA is a Clean, Oil and Adjust

This is a service we do regularly to keep your instrument performing its best. Your instrument is disassembled, cleaned, all screws and hinge rods are cleaned of old oils and rust, reoiled and the instrument is regulated for the best playing condition.

Starting at $160 for smaller woodwinds, $280 for saxophones and increases to $350 for large saxophones and woodwinds.

Valve/Rotor Work

Covering everything from bent pistons to dented casings, restringing rotors, aligning rotors

These types of repairs usually cost between $25-$60



If you have any questions before you come in, please reach out! Or come by anytime with your instrument and we would be happy to give you an estimate for the work you need.

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