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Rental Instruments

Whether you need a rental for your beginning student, you want to learn to play an instrument as an adult or you are looking to upgrade to an intermediate or professional model we can help get you an affordable instrument. All rentals are month to month, no long term contract obligations, and every month of rent payments count towards ownership. There is also an option to purchase instead of rent if you would prefer to do that.

Why should I rent an instrument?

Repair and maintenance coverage

All rental instruments come with a monthly maintenance plan to cover playing condition repairs and accidents.

In-house Repairs

Most repairs can be handled right here at Acadiana Instrument Repair. Just bring it in and we will take care of it. Rental Instrument playing condition repairs excluding intentional and cosmetic damage are free of charge with your maintenance plan! 

50% Off Early Purchase

At any time during your month to month rental, you may log in to your account and pay 50% of the remaining total rent to purchase your instrument and save money.

Quality Name Brand Rentals

We provide quality, trusted name brand instruments that are serviceable and built to last.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Professional Options

We offer rentals on any level of instrument. If you are ready for an upgrade you can simply make the switch to an intermediate or professional option. We will get you upgraded with free shipping and up to 50% of your rental payments accumulated will apply towards ownership of your new upgrade!

Instrument Exchange

If your beginner decides that they want to switch to a new instrument, we can swap out your rental with free shipping. You should always consult your band director before making an instrument switch! Up to 50% of your previous rental payments accumulated will apply towards ownership of your new instrument.

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